A trip to the bluebell woods


A few weekends ago we visited a lovely blue bell wood in badbury Farringdon  It's a free national trust site with lots of different walks and cycle routes and a stunning wood full of bluebells. Last year we searched for bluebells but we were unsuccessful apart from finding the odd patch on the side of a 
road, trying to go over nettles for a cropped photo with a one year old and tired 3 year old, this was different. After a bit of research and maybe the time of year we came across this wood. A lot of people had said this wood has the best wow factor in and around oxfordshire and i have to say it really does have an impact when you walk into the wood.

There's a small car park out front and then a over flow carpark in a side field and it's just in front of the bluebells so if you are just looking for the beautiful photo you don't have to walk to far. On the main car park there's a small icecream van which sells a selection of refreshments and of course icecream. Behind the car park you are greeted with a blanket of purple, there are paths around and through the middle of the flowers which allows for easy photo taking. The wood is full of nettles and If you have a toddler like me who loves to run through bushes you have to be careful as throughout the wood is full of nettle beds and we saw a few children's get stings.

We found a fallen tree just behind the bluebells which Lilly loved climbing and also different dens made from sticks where the children could run in and out of and play hide and seek. Not only are bluebells a photographers paradise but it also makes for a great family day out, with miles of walks or even a Cycle you can spend ages here. We had such a lovely time, even with a tantrum or two and i have a vlog over on my YouTube if you would like to watch

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