Birthday weekend in Brighton

This weekend was my birthday and also the last weekend of half term. We have been busy for most of the holidays and on Friday Mike surprised me with a trip to Brighton. I have always wanted to explore Brighton, having only been once for a quick trip I really wanted to explore the lanes and sea 

front a bit more. We stayed in the premier inn in Worthing, which is outside of Brighton but still on the sea front with its own pier and has a amusements and little fair ground on the sea front. The reason we choose to stay outside Brighton is from previous experiences is that if you stay away on a weekend in a place like Brighton which has an active nightlife you get a lot of groups whom can be enjoying themselves until the early hours of the morning which doesn't mix well with young children. We checked into our hotel on the friday and headed into Brighton to do some shopping. We parked in the Churchill car park and found ourselves in a shopping centre we didn't know was there which had some great shops in we dont have local to us and had a browse around inside and also outside before they closed.

We spent the evening site seeing and then dinner at our hotel. The premier inn in Worthing is a newer one and over looks the sea. If you can request for a sea view as its a really nice view to wake up to. Breakfast is also nice in the restaurant and the staff are friendly and has a nice family vibe to the hotel. Across the road to the right Is a great family park and within walking distance is the pier and small fair ground. The Saturday morning we spent throwing stones in the sea and playing in the arcade on the pier. It was so much quieter than Brighton pier. We then headed to Brighton for the day. It was really busy but we managed to get parked ok and walked along the sea front and down the pier. It's a typical British pier with doughnut and ice cream stands, candy floss and huge amusements which were so busy Oakley had a melt down as crowds seems to make him feel uncomfortable. At the bottom of the pier is a fair ground, which I actually think I would like to visit on a night out as there are some adult rides which look like fun! We bought Lilly a wrist band for £10 and most of the rides she needed a adult to go on with her and I didn't have to pay which I thought was great as most places adults have to pay too. Her favourite is the horse and carriage, which over looks the sea. We also went on a dragon ride and Lilly was petrified as it started to bounce up and down and from side to side and she really didn't like it. There were buttons on the front which I kept pressing and I didn't know which ones made it bounce and which ones stopped it - was funny for me!     

We stopped for some very British chips on the pier and headed to the lanes. We were lost in and around the lanes for a while but it was lovely to explore the shops but also difficult with a pushchair. We found a doughnut shop called dum dum doughnuts and oh my they were the nicest doughnuts I have tired! I Went for the Eton mess which was sooo good! I Vlogged our trip if you would like a watch you can on my channel or at the bottom of this post :)     


  1. How lovely to be surprised with a trip to Brighton for your Birthday. I love Brighton having visited a few times on day trips and I'd definitely love to stay close by for the weekend sometime.

    - Kate x
    A British Sparkle

  2. So nice article, glad to read this post, thanks so much!



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