World Book Day | 2017

World book day comes around every year and this is Lillys first one in School. I would love to be that mum that could sew and create an amazing costume but i don't think i could (maybe next year).
Lilly's school had stated they only wanted traditional tale costumes, which did limit what we could go as to a few stories that were allowed.

We decided at first to go as a cheshire cat from alice in wonderland but silly mummy left it too late and everything had sold out online. A quick dash to Sainsburys with a child still adamant she wanted to be a cheshire cat we decided on a Dorothy costume from wizard of oz. Sainsburys fancy dress costumes are always great and too over priced. The costume came with a pretty dress, pull over red shoe covers, a rainbow bag with three finger puppets. I tried to recreate Dorothy's hair with the twist and braid and added some light blue ribbon to the ends.

We have our own little toto at home who loved the attention but of course he wasn't allowed into school and he was swamped for a small dog teddy.It was so lovely to see everyone joining in and my instagram was filled with children celebrating books and I'm already excited for next year!

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