Siblings in March

Its been a lovely month for these two these past few weeks. We had a lovely half term together and with Lilly now being at school, half term is a really precious time. They seem to bond so much and
are so close and spend so much time together. Oakley turned two at the end of febuary. We had a tea party at home and also spent the weekend in Bournemouth. My two seem to love hotels, they go crazy running around together and getting up to mischief and love having late night just playing together without and toys or technology you can watch a little blog from the week here.

There have been lots of rainy days lately and of course like many children my two are attracted to puddles. We were out on a family walk and they came across the muddiest biggest puddle they could find and had the best time running through it. Im usually one for not letting them get filthy like this but they absolutely loved it. its safe to say they were quickly dashed back to the car, stripped down and thrown in the bath when they got home! I chose these photos this month because i remember their laughs, their smiles and just how happy they were and it makes me feel happy.

This month they are both loving
Crazy sand
Muddy puddle
long walks
The park
playing in the garden when its sunny 
Baking with mummy
Trolls movie
Dance parties before bed

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Ahh look at them so cute together. Coordinating perfect as siblings too. There is nothing better than puddle jumping. So cute. #siblingsproject

  2. Ooh i cannot believe Oakley is two already.. our little ones are growing up so quickly! Love their matching coats.. I bet they had so much fun in those puddles xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and I agree the half terms are so precious here too, roll on Easter!

  4. They look so cute! I like when children are dressed identically or very alike. Usually I buy such clothes in PickWriters shop.


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