Minion party decor

My little boy turned two and we had a little tea party at home with some friends and i always like to do a party table for my children's birthdays suited to a theme of whatever they are loving at the time.
Last year we had a Mickey mouse party which you can read a blog post on HERE. This year Oakley has been obsessed with minions for a while and it was just a easy theme to go with. I looked online and found some great decor ideas on the party pieces blog who also have a online store where you can buy all the products.

They have a huge selection of themes on their online shop and of course a selection of minion party decor. I based the colours on blue and yellow and added some minion printed items in Aswell. I started with a blue table cloth as a base and bought some blue and yellow trays to display food, there were others on the side and looking at the photos the fact the yellow one is in the middle is irritating me ha! I liked the yellow and blue polka dots and added that in with the popcorn boxes, party hats and napkins in both blue and yellow.

I also wanted some hanging decor for above the table and also to hang outside the front of the house instead of balloons as last year they all deflated by the time everyone arrived and thought this was a good alternative. I ordered both yellow and blue in the fans, honeycombs and also huge pom poms which were displayed on the front of the house. These did need to be put together slightly which were  relatively easy. I did also buy a happy birthday banner from tesco also in the same minion party print which came with different age birthdays to add in the middle and i hung it up above the table with white tac. The minion masks were great and my son thought it was hilarious to run around wearing one with his party hat and my daughter handed them out as guests arrived. We used minion party cups and also minion straws but I'm a big fan of paper straws and i ordered a pack of yellow polka dot straws and added them in a cup to display.

The cupcake stand is from dunelm and i made the minion cupcakes myself, which were easy if you have the correct tools, i may even do a video on them if anyone is interested? For party bags i went with blue sandwhich boxes and filled them with party bag fillers from different supermarkets and also home bargains. They had sweets, toys, whistles, balloons. note pads etc all the typical party things. Party pieces also have a great selection of party games. We played pin the eye on the minion which the older children loved and also pass the parcel which came with the prizes and tissue paper which had to be wrapped yourself.

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