Lilly's dad is a typical mans man. He likes football and boy things but he is also a farther to a little girl who he loves have fun with. Lilly has always loved playing with her Barbies, anything where she
can create stories and really use her imagination is what she enjoys doing best. We were recently sent and amazing box of new generation barbies as part of the #Dadswhoplaybarbie campaign. It is such an empowering which is supported all over the world to show how having a dad joining in a little girls play time helps build their self confidence.

We were sent 4 Barbies, two of the new 2017 body shape fashionista dolls, a athlete doll and an empowering career barbie. The selection is great and Lilly couldn't wait to rip open the boxes and start playing.

Lilly and her dad were playing in her dolls house and it was so lovely to listen to the stories  they created. The night before we had to take her dad to the hospital as he has a infection in his eye which got worse very quickly and it was so fitting we were sent a nurse Barbie as it was fresh in Lillys mind.  They changed the dolls house into a hospital and after naming all the Barbies they were seen by nurse Lilly. The fashionista Barbie was a singer and she had fallen off stage and hurt her arm. Nurse barbie took her into the hospital and was telling the fashionista barbie that everything was going to be ok and she will be well looked after. We also had a football barbie who was of course playing football and hurt her foot, she was quickly sent to bed to rest her foot.

After a hard day the Barbies had a girl's night. They baked cakes with the cute baking set and cleaned "just like mummy does' with the tiny hover which fitted into the Barbies hands. Watching Lilly and her daddy playing together and creating stories (of course in they typical Barbie voice) was so heart warming and they both enjoyed every second. It great to know that these small moments in her life are helping her to have a stronger future.

Don't forget to check out the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie video HERE

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