Siblings in January

This year i want to take part in more links. Last year i started the me and mine project and i think i posted one sibling but never kept up with it however this year i am determined to have 12 photos for
the end of the year.

I love nothing more than watching my children grow, and what more watching them grow together. Recently their bond has grown so much closer. O is getting more like a little boy, he wants Lilly to play with him and they run around chasing each other none start with the sound of laughter running through the house. I have noticed Oakley misses Lilly when she is at school and he gets so excited when we pick her up. Lilly is an amazing big sister, she is so loving and caring for him and mimics what i say to him. 

This month we obviously had christmas which was so lovely. They shared their toys and played none stop. Of course christmas seems so long ago now and we are back in the school run routine. Last weekend we went to the local park for a walk and to feed the ducks where i snapped these pictures. They are like a little tag team, one will run one way and shout the other and then one will run the other way and another follows. Lilly is always shouting Oakley hoping he runs after her. Lilly is also really helping with Oakley speech. She listens to me over pronounce words to try and help him and i can hear when they are playing Lilly does the same and repeats it over and over in the hope he will copy. They love playing trains together and we bought Oakley a little tikes car for christmas and they both love pushing each other around (well oakley likes to be pushed)

Lilly Loves
  • Having a packed lunch
  • Painting Rainbows
  • Shopkins
  • Playing on her scooter
Oakley Loves 
  • Trains (all day every day)
  • Malt loaf
  • Learning farm animal sounds
  • taking his sisters choppiness


  1. I love their coats - I have a thing for yellow on my two. They sound like they have such a lovely bond x

  2. Ah I love these photos of them both, their coats are lovely! They sound a lot like my two x


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