Me and Mine | October 2016

October has been my favourite month so far. We have had a fun filled few weeks and made the most of the halloween season. Of course my photo had to be from the pumpkin patch. I have been saving
this one for me and mine. I took my tripod and stuck it in the mud so we could take this and although people probably thought i was mad I'm glad i did. From my previous post you will see all the other photos we took on the day. Picking our pumpkins was my favourite activity this month, it was such a chilled day and full of families enjoying it too.

Of course it was halloween just yesterday and also our first half term. We visited a spooky farm for lots of halloween fun. We did our first corn maze, lilly held a snake and we saw lots of fireworks. I spent a lot of one on one time with Oakley, we went to so many parks, collected conkers and leaves. Oakley personality is starting to shine through this month, he has been playing more with Lilly and has discovered a love for football, he has even starting trying to say a few more words. I took Lilly to a halloween party and dressed her up as a witch and she let me paint her face and do her hair all crazy, she loved the party so much and even won the best dressed girl.

I hope you all had a lovely October

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  1. I am loving all the pumpkin patch celebrations this month in the family captures. Looks like a good weather day for it too. You got lucky. Autumn has been good to us this year though hasn't it? Gorgeous family capture. #meandmineproject


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