Halloween half term | 2016

Halloween has just passed by and we are now rapidly moving towards Christmas but i wanted to share and document our halloween this year. 

This time of year is one of my favourites, i just love Halloween and bonfire night. Halloween takes me back to a happy time in my childhood and i always like to make it a big deal in our house. We also had Lilly's first half term since starting school so we made the whole week about Halloween. We visited the pumpkin patch back in the beginning of the month and i have a post HERE where we picked our pumpkins. Lilly's got damaged on the way home so we did take a trip to tesco to buy her another small one to decorate. We had so much fun carving and decorating her pumpkin and we bought a lot of Halloween crafts things from hobby craft and made so many pictures. 

We visited our local open farm for their halloween event. They have a corn maze which was halloween themed and Lilly really enjoyed collecting all the stamps and going through the spooky woods. Lilly also held a snake, she had no fear and didn't even flinch and said he was so smooth! We also had a halloween party at the weekend. For the first time Lilly let me paint her face and do something with her hair, we crimped it and sprayed it orange and surprisingly she loved it, she did win best dressed girl which made her super happy! On halloween we couldn't go trick or treating as i couldn't leave our dogs but we put our pumpkins outside and Lilly loved giving out sweets, even Oakley was saying hello which was surprising. I posted a video on my youtube channel of out week HERE

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