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After years of wanting to visit a pumpkin patch we finally found one this year. I searched last year but i couldn't find on where we lived, i don't know if i didn't look hard enough of they are more publicised this year but we found a dew to visit. We were down in southampton and visited Pickwells farm. I had seen a few photos on instagram of this farm and knew we had to visit. We were greeted by a lovely man who offered us a wheel barrow and showed us where to walk. The farm still had lots of berries to pick along with corn and other produce. the field was full of orange and there were hundreds to choose from, all perfect pumpkins. Oakley wasn't too bothered by the pumpkins he was more interested in collecting stones off the ground but Lilly was on the hunt for her favourite pumpkin.

We also had Lillys school bear so of course she had to come with us. We had such a lovely morning here, it was full of families having fun and taking photos and it was so lovely to see everyone enjoying the season. Sadly though on the way back Lilly said her tummy hurt, it was like a switch. She was fine one second then the next we had projectile vomit everywhere. It wasn't a nice end to the day and turns out she caught a nasty virus from school which we all ended up having!

This is going to be a new tradition for us every year. We are going to carve our pumpkins tonight and they will be up in a post in the next few days. I know Pickwells pumpkins went really early in half term so if you are planning to visit next year i would recommend going early. They also have a display out front of all different colour and shaped pumpkins to buy. Have you been pumpkin picking this year?

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