Halloween basket ideas | 2016

Every year i put together a themed basket for the holiday seasons. Last year i made Lilly a halloween bucket which you can read HERE and now Oakley is a bit older i have added bits in here for him too. I did originally have two halloween buckets but i couldn't fit everything in so i have put it all into one big basket for them. As Lilly is now in school she is on half term so i will be giving this to them on monday so they can tuck into it all week. I do also have a craft bag full of halloween things to keep us busy.

The basket is one i had last year i think from eBay and i just reuse it for storage through the year. I decorated it in cobwebs which were £1 from tesco but you can get these anywhere. Most places sell halloween items, and you really don't need to spend much. Aldi and the pound shops have some great items in stock. I generally add some treats, a new cup/plate for our halloween breakfast, a halloween book, toy/soft toy/ decorations and stickers.

pumpkin cookie - Tesco
Ghost chocolate lollies - Sainsburys
Milky bar ghost - Sinsburys
Chocolate pumpkin/ghosts - Aldi

Soft toys - tesco
Light up spinners - Sainsburys

Peppa pig book - Sainsburys
Halloween activity book - Sainsburys
Stickers - Tesco 
Snap bands - Tesco
Balloons Tesco

Plates - Tesco
Straw cups - Aldi

I hope this gave you some ideas, and if you have made a Halloween basket this year or have any halloweens post i would love to have a read.

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