Me and Mine | August

Another month has passed by so quickly! Its the end of August, nearly the end of summer and a end to a chapter of our lives as Lilly starts school next week! We have done so much this month. We made the most of the summer days and have spent nearly every day outside. We have been to parks, farms, splash parks, out for family picnics and spent so many days in the paddling pool. 

At the beginning of the month we visited cotswold lavender, I had been dying to go after seeing all the beautiful photos splashed across social media of the beautiful purple fields. We went on the last day before harvest and there wasn't too much lavender left but it was so busy. The fields were of other people with cameras taking photos so it was the perfect opportunity to take some family photos with the trip pod.

It was also daddy's birthday and a few other so we had a few meals out this month and lots of baking of cakes! 


  1. I'm so excited about this line in your blog. I love to read what changes have faced your family during each month. It's so inspiring for me as a girl who still doesn’t have my own family and children. Also I like to take inspiration from reviews


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