Lilly's 4th birthday | Cbeebies Land

For Lilly's birthday we asked her where she would like to go. She really loves cbeebies land and always talked about it and thats where she wanted to go for her birthday. We have been 3 times before and to be honest i have avoid going on her actual birthday in the past as i dreaded the quest but it was actually ok. We went on a tuesday and arrived around midday, there was no ques to get in and the rides were around 5-10minuests wait which for a school holiday was so good. Sadly as the day went on Lilly started to get ill, she didn't seem herself and was quiet and not that excited for the rides, even though we could see she was trying she just seemed tired. We swapped Oakley out of the pushchair and let her have a lay down and we walked to the gardens for a sit down where she was sick everywhere. I felt so sorry for her, the poor girl was so excited for her birthday and woke up really happy and full of energy but flaked as the day went on i would have done anything to make her feel better. I always have calpol sachets in my bag so we gave her some of those and asked her if she wanted to go home. After a little nap she seemed ok and didn't want to go home and wanted to go on the 'cbeebies bug' ride as she calls it one last time.

Oakley on the other hand was having a whale of a time. I was dreading taking him, the thought standing in a que with him filled me with dread. Oakley can be a terror, he doesn't usually like new things or new people and will just cry until he is out of the situation but he surprised me and was full of smiles all day. He loves the num tum ride as did Lilly at his age and he loved seeing upsy daisy on the in the night garden ride. I think cbeebies land is best for 3 year olds, as they can understand they have to wait in quest and will enjoy everything there. We usually walk around the whole park and go in the sea life centre but with Lilly feeling unwell we spent a lot of the day sat with the ducks which was still a nice day

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