Capturing shared moments with memory lane

Every day i am snapping pictures of my children. I love taking photos of those little moments in life. The ordinary moments that happen every day however they tend to sit on my phone and i only print off the bigger moments like birthdays and other celebrations. Channel mum and cadbury dairy milk buttons have asked me to share with you my top 3 moments of shared joy between Lilly and i and to also share with you a really lovely new tool called memory lane.

The Memory lane tool, is such a fantastic idea and i have never come across anything like it. It has been created by dairy milk buttons and is a tool where you can create a short 360/VR video with 7 photos of your choice. You can upload photos via Facebook or straight from your camera roll. It is so simple to do and it results in a fantastic little trip down memory lane with all your chosen photos on display around the street.

The video is available to watch in 360 or in virtual reality. You do need VR glasses to view in the virtual realty however the 360 is available on a phone, laptop or tablet without glasses. You are able to move around the lane and see all the chosen photos displayed down the lane. Lilly loved watching our memory lane, and watched it over and over again and was so excited to see all our photos.

To see more about the tool and how to use it then watch my video below. Make sure if you make your own to share it on social media using the #buttonsmemorylane and tag +Channel Mum 

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