25 Things to do this summer | VIDEO

This summer is our last before Lilly starts school and i really wanted to make a effort to make it special. I have put a list together of the 25 things we want to do this summer. Some are bigger days out and some smaller things like making cookies. I made this list a while ago and some have already been ticked off but theres still (hopefully) some summer left for us to get the rest done! I am hoping to share a post at the end of summer sharing what we got up to. I would love to know what you are going to be doing this summer .

*Visit cbeebies land
*Go to peppa pig world
*Go to a splash park
*Visit a farm
*Feed the ducks
*Go to the park
*Eat chips on the sea front
*Go strawberry picking
*Visit the cotswolds
*Bake a victoria sponge
*Make cookies
*Do some sponge painting
*Have a picnic outside
*Play in the paddling pool
*play on the bounty castle
*Make a bird feeder
*Roast marshmallows
*Make a pouring station
*Get lost in a maze
*Play with outdoor chalk
*Have a bbq
*Go to the beach
*Have a water fight
*Make a summer scrap book
*fly a kite

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