Fussy eaters. Something i have not really spoke about on my blog/youtube is the fact Lilly has been a fussy eater since we started weaning. I guess its because there is so much judgement surrounding what other parents children eat. I personally felt judged by family, friends, that perfect family in the restaurant looking over at my child refusing to try a pea that now we have made huge progress i want to share some things that have helped us and hopefully help another mum.

I have shared in video some of my tips to help with fussy eating habits. This is mainly aimed at toddlers/children as we only really started to get somewhere after Lilly turned 3 but i will also do a video on weaning and where i think i went wrong with Lilly and what i changed the second time around. 

I hope you find this helpful if you are struggling with a fussy eater.

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