Oakley at 16 months

I haven't updated my blog with any of Oakleys updates for so long, and i really wish i would have. My boy is now 16 months, and the last month we have seen the biggest changes in him. He is now starting to show his personality more, he is a very sweet loving boy, shy but also adventurous. Oakley is turning into a typical boy, always where he shouldn't be, claiming on everything he shouldn't and generally getting into mischief. His hair is getting lighter, at the roots its white and starting to curl. Oakley is starting to throw tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants, he will scream as loud as he can and throw himself on the floor, which is fun in tesco. He still isn't talking very much. We get the odd words, mainly surrounding dada, daddy etc and now he is mumbling things but not very many words which i think has something to do with his tantrums as i believe he gets frustrated when he can't tell us what he wants and his only way of communicating is to scream and cry.

The boy has always loved circles, and collecting things. We now seemed to have formed a obsession with stones, where ever we go outside if there a path or something with stones he has to collect as many as he can and will not let them go.

He now has all his front teeth (top and bottom) back teeth through with a gap in his middle teeth just like me. He still loves bananas and eggs but isn't liking fruit very much.

This month he has hit his biggest milestone which is walking! When he turned 15 months he started to stand and take steps and over the last few weeks has developed into fully walking everywhere. I am so proud of him, as he is developing a little slower than most but when he figures something out he very quickly gets the grasp and keeps trying until he succeeds. He now sleeps through the night (thank god) and goes down at 7 and wakes between 6-7 the next morning. He loves touch and feel books and we always have to read one before bed.

Oakley is still very much all about his mummy, he is never to far from my side and always wanting cuddles on the sofa. He loves playing with cars and also has recently taken a shine to his sisters baby. The kid loves swings so much, we can literally be stuck on the swing for hours, constantly pushing which is ok for a while because his sister can run around and play, however getting him off is another story.

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