Looking for a princess

We love to go exploring and discovering new parks and places to visit. i recently found a park hidden away in a nearby town with beautiful gardens, a play park and even a outdoor pool. Its now our favourite park with so much to do and the kids can run around and just enjoy being outdoors. There is a nearby church and gardens which seem popular for wedding photos and whilst we were there previously we saw a bride having her photos taken. I told Lilly it was a princess and she was so excited she wanted to go and see the princess. Every time we visit now Lilly asks to go and find the princess so we go searching around the gardens and this old building which she thinks is so much fun.

This time of year the grass is filled with daisies. Lilly has always been one to stop and pick them, since she was first walking every year she is fascinated by them and makes little bouquets for me. I didn't notice until just now but the rim of her dress also looks like daisies.

After searching for princesses and playing in the park Oakley was a grumpy toddler but Lilly was still  a ball of energy so he sat happily watching nursery thymes whilst me and Lilly ran free. These are my favourite days, just enjoying being outdoors with my favourite little people.

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