Cotswold Wildlife Park

I have always wanted to visit the cotswold's and we recently visited the wildlife park. It was on my list of to do's this summer and made for a lovely day out with the family. I have to admit i thought it would be more of a safari park type situation rather than a small zoo which it seemed to be. It was a beautiful day, not too hot but the sun was shining and the perfect day for a picnic. As expected it was busy but mainly in the entrance area as i think people tend to linger at the begging as they don't know what else is there. There is a restaurant and gift shop with small animals like penguins and meerkats surrounded by beautiful gardens. 

The park is rather large with animals dotted all over. There are small monkeys, birds and owls in small cages around the park, which i still don't know how i feel about that but I'm sure they are well looked after. A small train goes around the park and there are lots of picnic areas some under cover for those rainy days. Whilst walking through the park we discovered a great little park which had something for all ages. A tree house with a big sllide, sandpit, swings and a area for toddlers with a little shop next to it where you can buy ice creams and refreshments. We sat down on the field and lets the kids run wild (my kids love to run around open fields..) You can eat a picnic here or visit the restaurant beside it. Dogs are allowed here as long as they are on the lead so keep that in mind!

There is also a small petting farm, with pigs, goats and donkeys. Our family favourite are the goats. You can go in with them and they are always really friendly. Oakley had some yoghurt drops which in true Oakley style he smothered all over himself which one goat in particular took a liking to and Oakley thought it was hilarious, although he did get a good wipe down with antibacterial wipes (a must have at the farm/zoo) as did the pushchair and everything else! Lilly loves these animals too. She is so loving and caring towards animals it so nice to watch.

We really had a great day, lots of walking which we love and laughter, and of course lovely animals. The prices are fair and you can really spend the day here. If your looking for somewhere to take the kids this summer why not check out Cotswold wild life park. I also posted a blog of our weekend over on my youtube channel.

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