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I have seen this link for so long now and have looked at other blogs and how they have all their photos throughout the year and always wanted to take part but it just seemed to slip my mind. Whenever the 15th comes around it always reminds me i need to take photos of my children together. I always seem to take hundreds of photos of them individually but rarely together so i am going to make more effort to capture them both. Its so difficult getting them to sit still together or both smiling at the camera but here are a few that i managed to capture.

The bond between these two is so heart warming to watch, now Oakley is walking around he loves to get involved with playing. He is now running after Lilly and pulling her along to play with him. They sit in the back of the car and makes sounds as loud as they can together then giggle away and it makes me smile so much.

Lilly is the most amazing big sister, she helps him find the toy he wants, she shares (most of the time) her toys with him and loves to read him stories.

We have been on so many outdoor adventures this month, we went strawberry picking, to a family fun day and explored so many different parks.

This will be the first and last post i have with a 3 and 1 year old as Lilly turns 4 next week. We have a few adventures planned which they both will love! See you next month.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Ahhh so sweet!! It is hard to capture them together but definitely worth it! xx

    1. Thank you, Gosh no where near as hard as it must be with your Beautiful boys xxx

  2. Yay so lovely to see you joining in with your gorgeous little ones! Lilly sounds like an amazing big sister, such a good girl sharing xx

    1. I hope i stick to it, must be so lovely you can see them change together through the year xx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous captures of your little ones. Their bond is something so special to witness as parents isn't it? #siblingsproject


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