Strawberry Picking

At the weekend we did something i have wanted to do for ages and went to a pick your own farm. I have actually never been to a PYO before and now i follow a plant based diet we eat so many berries but supermarket berries are always hit and miss. I not sure if it works out cheaper to pick your own however you are guaranteed to get the best as you choose your own. We had such a lovely afternoon, running through the lanes and finding the biggest, reddest strawberries made for a lovely activity for all of the family. We had a huge tub full of strawberries and a little one with raspberries which we plan to make some healthy strawberry jam with and freeze the rest for somethings and to make ice creams with. 

Lilly loved seeing where fruit is grown and teaching her the process of plants and how they grow food we can eat was so rewarding. I also plan on getting her involved in making some recipes which she will really enjoy. It is the little things in life that can make the best memories and i really want to start sharing these more on my blog.

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