Ikea Duktig Kitchen Review | Video

We recently purchased the Ikea ducting play kitchen for our two children. Oakley loves playing with kitchens, He is always in ours and plays with the kitchens in soft play and our toddler group so i thought it was about time i bought him one. Lilly does already have a play kitchen upstairs in her room however it is a cube plastic kitchen and the doors are quite stiff to open so Oakley can't really play with it. I decided to go with the Ikea kitchen as i have heard great things about it, and it seems good value for money at £65. The actual look of the kitchen doesn't suit my taste, i think it looks a little plain and old however i have seen lots of post on pintrest on how the kitchen has been transformed into something completely different. This kitchen will eventually have a little makeover which i will do a separate post on it. I have done a full review on my youtube channel if you would like to see how the kitchen looks and what i like then you can watch it below :)

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