Budget friendly Easter basket

Easter is a little earlier this year but i have been prepared for a while and put together the kids easter buckets early this year. If you would like to see what i have put in previous years basket you can view  my posts (here) I bought most things from the £1 shop, hobby craft and tesco so everything was really inexpensive. I have seen lots of things you can put in a bucket/basket from most supermarkets and also b&m is a great place.

This year i have made two, one for Lilly who is 3 and Oakley who is 1. They both have the same things but in different colours mainly because they both want what the other has already so just to save the argument i got them the same! Lilly has a straw cup and Oakley has a little money box. I did put a carrot full of jelly beans in both which were from the pound shop but i will empty Oakleys and put some organics puffs in the day before Easter. There is also a cute little fillable egg which came in a three pack from hobby craft which I'm going to fill with healthier treats like raisins and grapes. I did include some chocolate, and we also have a egg hunt planed with fillable eggs and small chocolate eggs.

I always like to include the bucket or a whicker basket. I do buy a whicker basket every holiday and think i will use that for every year but i end up using it around the house for storage so this year i just bought them a cheap bucket from the £1 shop. I also like to put in them, a toy, teddy, ears, treats and a book.

Bucket - £1 shop
Fake grass - £1 shop
Ears - Hobby craft (pink) £1shop grey
Teddy - £1 shop
Jelly bean carrot - £1 shop
Egg & spoon - Aldi
Chocolate coins - Tesco
Straw cup - £1 Shop
Money box - £1 Shop
Fillable Egga - Hobby craft (also seen in sainsburys)
Dancing toy - £1shop
Books - Sainsburys
Whicker bunny basket - Hobby craft
If you would like to watch a video on whats inside, you can see it on my youtube channel

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  1. Wow the Easter buckets looks great! I bet Lilly and Oakley will love them x


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