Its no secret i am a lover of lush. The brand and the companies customer service is always such high standard its a real enjoyment buying from their. I actually haven't purchased anything my self from lush for a while, mainly because since having Oakley i opt for quick showers and barley get time to shave my legs let alone soak in the tub enjoying a lush bath. Saying that family usually buy me their products for christmas/birthdays but this year i was hoping for some goodies but nobody got me any so i had to take a trip in store myself.

 I went on new years day and all their christmas sale items had gone which didn't bother me but i did want snow fairy however their standard products which are still beautiful were all there in their glory. I went in with Lilly and as always the girls were super lovely and Lilly had a great time in store and was shown demos on the products which she loved! I really wanted to get Lilly and Oakley a few bath bombs for their baths as i think they would really enjoy that and i opted for intergalactic  which is filled with colours and popping candy, with a peppermint scent. We also picked up the experimenter  which is another bath bomb full of colour.
My favourite is the pink flamingo a beautiful bubble bar on a stick in the shape of a flamingo. It smells lovely with scents of ylang ylang and rosewood. This bubble bar is on a stick so you swirl is around in the bath to create bubbles and can use it a few times. A new product for me that i have wanted to try for ages is the bubblegum lip scrub. It is made using caster sugar and oil and really does exfoliate the lips without drying them out. I wouldn't recommend eating it though, even though it is edible as it does taste a little like soap.  I have done a full video on my lush haul over on my youtube HERE


  1. Loving this post, and I'll admit that Lush is the bomb dot com. The bath bombs are my absolute favorites because I love the way it changes my bath's color xx

    1. Yes lush is just amazing isn't it xx


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