H&M launched their new beauty range at the end of 2015. The range included everything from  beautifully packaged makeup, brushes, makeup bags to body/skin care. I was a little hesitant to order any products online when they first came on the scene as sometimes i think when clothing stores bring out a makeup line it isn't great, almost like childs play makeup so when i was able to get to a h&m i had a few swatches and was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging of H&M makeup is stunning, the plain black, white and gold makes it look luxurious and a little bit special. With a range of square, hexagon and circle pans it all looks so pleasing to the eye however i will say it looks better than it feels. When i swatched a few of the products in store i was really shocked at how pigmented the products were for their price.

The blushers are probably my favourite from my purchases. They come in either cream or powder and both are equally great. I picked up a powder blush in cameo pink which is a beautiful mauve pink with brown under tones and the perfect blusher for me. The pigmentation is just amazing and doesn't take too much product on the brush to transfer the colour on the skin. Rosy brown which is a lovely muted coral blush. The cream bush i bought was dusty rose again really pigmented, bright pink which will look lovely in summer with a bit of a tan.

The lipsticks were very colourful, lots of bright pinks and reds and none really stood out to me that were in stock. I did however get sandstorm which is a beige nude, a little on the light side of what i like but works with a liner. The lipsticks are in a gold tube with a white lid. They are pigmented but sadly didn't last very long on my lips and for £7.99 each i did expect a little longer lasting power.

The single eyeshadows seem to be a little better quality than the palettes. I used the smokey essentials palette in my video and i did really like these. The palette is filled with 9 smoky grey toned colours. The pigmentation for the price is great, they are really build able and blend really well the only issue i found is there was a lot of fall out, even just putting my brush on the pan they powdered a lot but for the £9.99 price tag for 9 eyeshadows they are fantastic. The single eyeshadow i bought was cinnamon roll which is a bit of a dupe for macs mulch. The single eyeshadow selection looks fab and i will be getting more to add to my collection. The single eyeshadows have less fall out, even more pigmentation and seem to be of a more creamy texture than the palette. Each eyeshadow is £4.99

The powders are just lovely, this is my go to powder now and i use on a daily basis. Its not too heavy but sets your makeup and stays in place all day. They also feel lovely on the skin, its not drying and doesn't feel cake and is a must from the h&m beauty line. The perfecting powders are only £7.99 and a a great budget friendly powder. The packaging is also a lovely square white and black square and is great to put in your bag for touch ups throughout the day

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