My makeup is never complete without bronzer, i think i have applied bronzer when i wear makeup every time since my early teens. I have bought bronzer after bronzer but never found the one. I have to admit i really adore Benefit as a brand. Their products are always fantastically marketed and one of their best selling products is hoola bronzer. I have heard and read about Benefits hoola bronzer so many times and it has always been on my wishlist but i have never purchased it until now.

I was in house of fraser buying some makeup and headed over to the Benefit stand to purchase Hoola,  the girl their was lovely and i have to admit i find makeup counters quite intimidating sometimes but the girls on benefit are always very helpful and down to earth. When i got home i applied Hoola and instantly fell in love. Its not very often i use a product and instantly know its going to be a staple but with Hoola it was that simple.

Hoola come in a small box which opens and on one side is a handy mirror then the other is a small brush which is thin so would be great for contouring and also for travel. Then under neath the brush you have the actual bronzer. The colour is universal, its not too red, or ashy it is simply perfect and would suit everyone. If your pale you don't need too much and with the right amount of blending it would suit the palest. That also goes for you tanned girls, adding more to the brush and building will make it as dark as you like without the muddy effect that some bronzers give.

If your looking for a new bronzer you need to try hoola it is priced at £23.50 which may seem like a lot but it will last such a long time its worth it girls. 


  1. I have to be honest and say that while I've loved the way Hoola looks is fantastic, but for some reason I've never purchased this bronzer!

  2. i love hoola :) it's simply the perfect bronzer x


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