Last year i started the stocking tradition for Lilly. She was 2 last year and was so excited when she saw the stocking at the end of her bed. I wrapped everything and she opened it on christmas morning
and was so happy with everything she got but little did she know what was downstairs. I bought the stocking from next last year and if you would like to see the things i put in last year you can HERE this year was a little harder to find things for her but i did find a few things.
 For stocking fillers i tend to head to discount stores like b&m and pound shops. I find b&m a good place as there are products in there that are small and cheap that won't end up straight in the bin. I also like to add a bit of chocolate because its christmas and we all love chocolate at christmas.
 Milky bar santa set - b&m
Kinder mini mix - Sainsbury 
Chocolate westie - Sainsburys
 Princes photo booth props - B&M
Tattoo pens - B&M
Princess glow stick - The works
 Bubbles - The works
Anna cookie - B&M
Christmas clips - TU Sainsburys
Disney princess - Disney shop
Disney spray - B&M
Barbie bubble baths - B&M
Frozen lip smackers - B&M

I also filmed a video on my youtube channel HERE

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  1. Aw Sienna would love all of this! Looks like I need to go to B&M haha! I love the photo props :) xx


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