Finding Slimming world has completely changed the way i eat. I really love the fact i can still eat delicious food and loose weight. I am constantly on instagram looking for new meal ideas and things
to try and post my meals to help inspire others (@theslimmersdiary) I thought i would also share what i eat in a youtube video and a blog post to share a typical day of meals for me when i am on plan.

Breakfast: For breakfast i always have something quick as i have to get up early to take Lilly to nursery, get the kids ready and feed them breakfast so i don't have time in the week for too much fuss so i always usually turn to wheat bisks or shreddies with milk and this is my hex b and hex a. I also am trying to have fruit for breakfast and also as a mid morning snack.

Lunch: I did end up heading to mcdonalds on my way back from a morning shopping but i did get a grilled chicken and bacon salad and a diet coke which is also free on slimming world. Although diet coke and pepsi max is syn free i do still try and have this as a little treat as i was finding my loses were not as much when i drank too much. I also had a apple and another orange as a snack in the day.
 Dinner: Dinner looks like it should be extremely high in syns as its burger and chips however the chips are syn free as they are potatoes sprayed in frylight which are syn free (usually i make them with paprika) and i also has two quorn burgers which are 2.5sns each and were really nice. I added a little bit of microwave veg as its quick and easy for me (which is what I'm about) and means i get some veg in. Then for a evening snack i had a muller goodies which are 2.5 syns and a fun size twix - 5 syns.

You can watch my video on my channel HERE

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  1. Good for you, the food looks great! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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