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 Hello! I have been away from my blog for a while as we were moving house and then didn't have Internet in our new home, but i am back just in time for blog/vlogmas and my favourite time of year.
I  heard about the Elf tradition last December and fell in love with the tradition and knew it was something i wanted to bring into our home but waited until this year when Lilly was old enough.

 I am sure you have all heard of Elf on the shelf, a creepy looking Elf which gets up to mischief at night but can never be touched as he will loose his magic? I fully intended to invite him into our home until i recently went to a blogging event and saw 'Elf magic'. Elf magic is very similar to any other Elf tradition.

The Elf can be either a boy or girl with different hair colours. You or your child can choose either one that looks like your child or just one that appeals to you the most. We chose a brunette girl who came with a name tag 'Roxy' but we renamed her Twinkle. The Elf comes into your home on December 1st until Christmas Eve and is sent by Santa to watch over your child then report back to Santa at night.

 Elf magic comes in a box which doubles up as her bed and also a table. Also included in a double sided play scene, one with a homely Christmas scene and the other a snowy scene. There are also stickers included which your child can decorate the scene with and also a passport with a return ticket to the north pole. There is a poster with a poem on which explain who the Elf is and why they are here. Each night your littleness will need to put the Elf to bed and cover her in the blanket and sprinkle the 'snowflakes' which are also included, to bring the elf to life, she also needs crackers and water as the crackers remind them of the crunching of snow.

Each night the Elf come to life to play and cause mischief, this is where us mums get all pintrest like and come up with ideas so that in the morning when your child comes down they can find the Elf and see what they have been up to, this is called 'elfcapades' I will have a post on some ideas soon. The best thing about Elf magic is that they can be played with. Today is the first day twinkle has visited and Lilly has loved playing with her. They are also super adorable and soft, and you can buy different clothes for them to wear. The Elf has to return to santa on christmas eve to help deliver presents but you can bring the Elf back for special occasions like birthdays and halloween.

I bought my Elf from Happy mummy and she was £34.99 and can be used year after year. This morning i put the Elf under the tree in her bed and in front of the play scene with the poem in hand and explained to Lilly who/what she was and then asked her to name it.I am so excited for what i have planned for this little Elf and the magic she will bring.

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