How is it just one week until the big day?! I really can't believe that christmas is nearly upon us and I'm writing a 'what's in Lilly's & Oakley's Christmas eve basket' type post. I have been doing
Christmas eve baskets now for the last 3 years, and this will be Lilly's fourth christmas and Oakleys first. If you would like to see what i included last year you can read my post HERE This years box is quite crafty with more things to do to keep Lilly busy. There isn't to much in here for Oakley as he will be happy to continue to take all the decorations off the lower part of the tree off!

This year i bought a hamper from Hobby craft. This is the 40cm hamper and is huge! I like the fact it has a lid so if she doesn't use something we can close the lid and store her craft items in. You really don't have to go out and buy a new basket, you can use a storage box from around the house or even a card board box and wrap it in wrapping paper.

You can include whatever you fancy in the basket, however i always like to have new pjs for both children, a dvd, new Christmas book, Crafts and of course chocolate! To see what i included this year please watch my video. What sort of things do you include in your child's box?

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