Halloween Basket Ideas

Every Christmas and Easter i have made Lilly a festive basket but never have i made her a halloween one. This year i decided to add it to our festive traditions and start making halloween buckets. I didn't
go overboard at all and just filled it with small things Lilly can use when she isn't at nursery this half term. Festive baskets/boxes/buckets are extremely popular with the modern mum, with Pintrest and blogs blooming with ideas it seems to have taken off for every holiday. If your not familiar with festive baskets its basically a themed box/basket or whatever you want to use and you fill them with whatever you like for that holiday, be it crafts, sweets, toys etc I haven't made Oakley one this year as he is too young but i will be starting with him next year.

 Heres what i put in Lillys bucket this year:

Peppa pig activity book - Tesco
Glow in the dark stickers - hobby craft
Wind up toy - Magazine
Minnie halloween bowl & plate - Tesco
Light up witch hat - Asda
Halloween cup - B&m
Chocolate eye balls - Asda
Balloon - £1 shop (pack of 4)
Peppa dvd - Tesco
Pumpkin bucket - Tesco

Happy Halloween!!

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