The Simple Things...

This weekend i have had a endless list of things to do and put way to many eggs in my basket. Lilly has been testing and waking Oakley up every time i put him down for a nap. I found myself
constantly saying 'No Lilly' or 'Please be quiet Lilly' i had to take a step back, drop everything that really wasn't important and go somewhere just to de stress.

We headed to a country park to feed the ducks, where we stumbled upon a family of swans. They didn't seem bothered by us and came out of the water so close i could have touched them. It was interesting to see mum and dad come first and then stand to the side whilst the baby swans fed, it just shows that the bond between parents and their off spring, no matter if you have feet or flippers are the same. I really enjoy the simple things, where there aren't any toys needed, I'm not cleaning or constantly cleaning and we can just sit as a family and enjoy the simple things.

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  1. What gorgeous photos of the swabs I've never fed one before like that lovely. Sometimes you need to get out don't you, glad you all got some time out x


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