Sophie The Giraffe Balls

Sophie the Giraffe products have been a favourite in our home for the last three years. The teether was a hit with Lilly and is now a staple favourite Oakley. I do not leave the house without his beloved
Sophie. I recently started to look into the other products the amazing brand has to offer and came across the Sophie the Giraffe balls from their so pure organic range. All of Sophie Giraffe products are made from 100% natural material which are safe for babies to put in their mouth and with over 50 years experience it is no wonder their product range is so talked about.
The set come with 3 balls, a green, orange and blue one.  Suitable from 3 months these balls are made to help young babies develop their motor skills. The balls are soft round rubber that are light weight which makes them easy for babies to hold. They are great for developing grasp, and the bright colours are fantastic to help with sight. As your little one gets older they can be used to help learn colours.

Each ball has a Sophie giraffe head on each side which sticks out of the ball and Oakley really enjoys chewing on these in particular. They will also help with your baby sense of touch. Watching Oakley move the ball around to find the face is amazing. We sit and Lilly throw the balls for Oakley to catch, and although he is too young to catch he really enjoys watching the balls in the air and playing with his sister.The balls would make a lovely gift for a new baby which any mum would welcome with open arms. 

The Sophie Giraffe balls retail for £9.99 and you can buy them HERE You can also read an old review on the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy here.


  1. I never used the Sophie giraffe with my son, he didn't seem to have much of a problem with teething but I've always heard great things. These look lovely so I'll keep these in mind for my friend who's having a baby, this would be lovely little gift.



  2. Thanks for the review. They look pretty♥♥

  3. Oh wow! Never seen them before. They look great for teething. Great review x

  4. I love the Sophie le Giraffe teether products. Edith is teething right now and she has a Sophie (which was her brothers) and a Fan Fan le Fawn which LOVE!!


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