I say it every update but how is Oakley 6 months old! He will be 7 months next week so i wanted to update on what he has been doing this last month. He is changing so much every day. His personality
gets bigger every day and it seems like he just gets more and more advanced.

Oakley has hit a few milestones this month. The biggest milestone that happened a few weeks ago is he said 'mama' I think he said it by pure fluke but he has now said it twice. It was clear as day and both Mike and i heard it and my heart just burst. He is now sitting up so much better on his own, i was a little bit concerned he wasn't as stable as i thought he should be but he is just taking things at his own little pace. He has also began to get really stable on his legs and will now stand holding furniture on his own and seems to be much happier standing than laying down.

He has been weaning since 4.5 months and I'm slowly starting to add finger foods, so I'm doing a mix between purees and baby led weaning as that what he seems happiest with. His favourite finger food is toast. He has to have toast every morning for breakfast or else he screams until its on the table and he now can chew really well so is confidently eating it. Oakley favourite food is broccoli either pureed or in florets and banana. We also started to introduce cheese this month and like his sister he loves it.

He is so in awe of Lilly it melts my heart, he constantly watches her and they have started to sit and play together. His favourite toys are Sophie the giraffe and a teddy wooly.

Sleep this month is getting better he is now only waking once in the night but seems to be awake for a while before i get him back to sleep. He is getting a lot easier and isn't so clingy to me in the day. His tummy/colic has settled too. It looks like he has a bottom tooth starting to come through so he has a bit of a teething rash and is a little irritable at times and constantly dribbling.

It feels like time is going by so quickly and i am trying to cherish every day (even the bad ones) see you next month for his 7 month update.

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  1. I can't believe how fast he's growing! I keep forgetting he's about a month younger than Harry. Awww that's so sweet he's said Mama! I'm still waiting on Harry to say it, Amelia could say a dada, baba and mama around 6 months but Harry doesn't seem to want to be that vocal haha x


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