I have never really found a cup for both my children that i thought was the 'holy grail' of cups and i have tried them all. A friend of mine had one of the Munchkin miracle cups for her son and raved
about how good it was so i had to try it for myself. I ordered this with my weekly shop from Asda for £4.97 and when it came i will be honest it took me a while to work out how it works.
 The munchkin miracle cup comes in two different designs one for 6months + and the other for 12months. The trainer cup is what i have which has the handles on the side like a normal sippie cup and the older cup is bigger without the handles. The idea behind the miracle trainer cup is that it trains your baby to use a cup from the very beginning instead of drinking from a spout. The cup is better for teeth which is something that really stood out for me and is apparently spill free.

How the cup works is that all around the rim is a silicone top which with the touch of a lip opens and your baby can drink like a cup with out the spillage. I also really like the fact it only has 3 parts which are so easy to clean and it doesn't have one of those inserts inside which stop it from leaking like other cups, Lilly had a bad accident when she dropped a old cup on the floor and the insert inside fell out and she slipped and banged her head on our tilled floor.

With other cups Oakley has just chewed on the top and not actually tried to drink the water as most are rubber like a teething toy where as with the munchkin cup its a more natural movement and he doesn't have anything to chew on. I did find it took him a while to get the hang of it and i filled it up with water which made it too heavy for him to pick up and guide to his mouth so i would recommend to fill max half way.
The cup is spill free when lifted up and down, it can be turned upside down with no leaks, however when dropped on the floor or banged hard enough on the table it does burst out with water. I however didn't find that it leaked in my bag which is a plus. I would recommend this cup for weaning as i was really impressed, you can purchase it HERE for £4.97


  1. That cup looks great. Love the fact that it is spill free even when it is on its side! x

  2. We have the version of this without handles and absolutely love it, such a great design! x


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