On Saturday i attend my first blogger summit funfestuk. The funfest blogger summit is a network event for parent and lifestyle bloggers whom can attend conferences throughout the day to learn how
to expand their blogs and make them not only a hobby but a business. With talks for some of the top parenting bloggers and also the opportunity to meet some of the worlds biggest toy brands and preview their new toys for Christmas 2015. Funfestuk is a blogging event with a twist, not only can parents go and meet brands but also take along their children to actually play with they toys. It was a day of business and also fun. 

The funfestuk event was held at the stunning venue Whittlebury hall in Northamptonshire. Its only a short drive for me and when i heard of the event i knew i had to go. I was extremely nervous to go and didn't know what to expect. I was nervous for a few reason 1, I'm not the most confident person and this sort of thing is out of my comfort zone 2, i was leaving Oakley for the first time as he wouldn't have gotten anything out of the day and i wouldn't have been able to concentrate and 3, i was taking Lilly who i had everything crossed would not have had a melt down and behaved herself.

Upon arrival i met the lovely Becky from little o and me in the car park and her son Oliver. I instantly had a connection with her and it completely eased the nerves. We were greeted by the staff from miPR and given our name badges, delegate packs and then into the lounge for tea/coffee and to meet all the other bloggers. The room was filled with bloggers and their children and the most amazing balloons from amscan and also a meet and greet from a giant tatty teddy which all the children could go and have a cuddle and picture with, although Lilly wasn't too keen.

I then got the chance to meet some lovely bloggers and discover new blogs. We were then moved into the suite where the conferences were held and at the back of the room were two table, set up like party tables with minion jigsaws, sticker books, party hats and decorations and also a giant colouring page on the floor. In any situation when you put x amount of children in a room they are going to be excited and make a lot of noise. After the first talk it became apparent that it was too noisy in the room with the children so we were given the option to move them into the different zones to play with the toys. I did take Lilly down there but for me it wasn't close enough for comfort and although there were staff there the rooms were open and i didn't feel comfortable leaving Lilly in there so she came back to the room with me and sat quietly at the back of the room.

The talks were fantastic and i really learnt a lot. I came away from the event feeling extremely inspired and ready to take my blog to the next level. I did miss a talk from I'm every mum which was titled 'blog to vlog' which i really wanted to hear but it was Lillys nap time and she was getting tired so i had to keep her entertained by taking her to the zones with the toys. Vicki from Honest mum was also a speaker there and she started her talk with a emotional speech about her traumatic labour which resulted in a emergency c-section which instantly grabbed my attention and is something which is close to my heart. Vicki is an extremely inspirational woman, who is bursting with glamour and confidence something which i wish i had.

After the talks we were then able to meet the brands which were set in different rooms and we were able to go around and talk to them and also allow the children to play with the toys. It was fantastic meeting the amazing brands that were in attendance. I met some lovely companies and also their fantastic products. I look forward to bringing you some amazing reviews in the future from these companies as there were amazing things that some i didn't know existed.

 At the end of the day we were given some amazing goodie bags which were filled with toys and product information that Lilly just exploded with excited and emptied the contents over the floor and within the hour we were all covered in stickers, tattoos and Oakley was allowed to play with a cute puppet which he adores! I would highly recommend attending funfestuk next year, it was a incredible day for all the family which was filled with fun and information for any blogger looking to make a career from blogging. I look forward to seeing what next year holds.

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  1. It looks like you had a great day but it's a shame as something that was pitched to be able to take children to that they hadn't though to have an adjoining room for the kids to play in x


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