Oakley is actually nearly 6 months but i wanted to write his 5 month update as i really wanted to keep up with these so i can look back on them and see how he is growing. Every week that goes by he
seems to change and be doing something new or developing his skills.

 At 4 months Oakley had 4 month sleep regression which is something i only recently found out about but my god was it a touch time. He was nearly sleeping through and then he started to wake every 1-2 hours, it was extremely hard and we were both exhausted but we seem to be coming out of it hurray! I put him to sleep between 6:30-7 depending on what sort of naps he has. Oakley is waking 1-2 times a night, usually once at half 12 where i can give him his dummy and he falls back asleep and then for a dream feed at half 4. He will then sleep until half 8

I started weaning Oakley at 4 months. He is a big boy but doesn't seem to drink much milk in the day so i started him early. It has been bliss to feed him unlike Lilly. He eats everything and his current favourite things are squash, apples and bananas. He is started to seem like he is getting frustrated with purees and he really likes to have his banana in one of those Nuby masher things that he holds. I am starting to think he would like a bit of BLW but i had such a bad experience with BLW with Lilly I'm really unsure if i want to go down that route, so i bought a book and I have been reading it in my mummy breaks.

Oakley is desperate to sit up. He can sit unaided for a few seconds then falls to one side. He try to throw himself forward to get a toy or laugh himself at Lilly. Lilly will sit in front of him and build a tower with his soft blocks and he pulls himself forward to knock it down. Its the cutest thing ever seeing them play together and how Lilly tries to teach him colours and numbers. He can now also stroke the dog''s, He loves to watch them and when they come next to him for a cuddle he gets so excited. He is really good a picking things up now and as soon as something comes in sight he wants he quickly grabs it. Also Oakley is now taking his dummy out and putting it back in himself.

                                                                    CLOTHING SIZE
He is mainly in 6-9months clothing now, he is a big boy both long/tall wise and weight. I don't know what it is with next clothes but when i buy them they are big but as soon as i wash them they shrink. Baby grows without feet though he is still wearing some 3-6 months.



  1. I can't believe he's 5 months already! He looks soo much like Lilly xxx

  2. He is so gorgeous and the months have just flown! x


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