On the 26th July Lilly turned 3. I really cannot believe 3 years has gone by and my baby is 3! The day before Lillys party she came down with some flu like cold which has happened every birthday.
Even though she wasn't well and over tired we still tried to make sure she had a great day. This year we tried not to buy her too much toys and things as she has everything she wants and I'm running out of room to hide toys haha! We bought her a hurdl 2 and a trampoline as her main presents. She wasn't sure on her trampoline at first but now i can't get her off the thing.

I spent the day before making this cake, I'm no cake maker but i was quite proud of this one. Last years cake was a disaster but she was so happy with this one. My sister brought her a elsa dress up which she seems to love dressing up at the moment and what 3 year old doesn't love frozen.

Excuse the mess Mike was in charge of food which meant he ordered a pizza! We had a sparkly 3 and  on her actual birthday a fountain fire work thing which she thought was fantastic. We took her to the Zoo because thats what we promised her but it was pouring rain all day. Lilly still loved splashing in the puddles, playing on the bouncy castle which was sheltered and the indoor play area.

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  1. Looks like she had a lovely day. My son turned six today and I can still hardly believe I have a 6 year old xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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