St.Tropez in shower gradual tan review

When i first heard the St.Tropez we bringing out a in shower gradual tan i thought finally this sounds like just what a busy mum of two needs! I was so excited for it to launch but from reading some of
the reviews i wasn't left with high expectations. Then i saw that instil magazine had a free sample with this months magazine and thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to try it without buying the full size.

 The in shower tan seems so easy and thoughtless, perfect for a easy, no fuss tan. To apply the tan you first have your shower like normal, wash ect then turn off the shower and apply the cream. The actually tan is just like a cream with a nice smell, kind of reminds me of sunshine. You rub it all over and it leaves a white milky type colour on the skin. Then you have to wait 3 minuets for it to develop. The 3 minuets seems really quick and a bit of a breeze.. and let me tell you, you definitely feel a breeze! I stood there naked, absolutely freezing but thinking it will be worth it for a bit of colour.
After the longest 3 minutes of your life, you just simply wash it off and pat dry. Then the next morning it should develop into a nice tan. My skin instantly felt moisturised, and i did like the smell until it started to develop and i was left with the usual fake tan smell. I really liked the fact i wasn't sticky and didn't have to worry about transferring onto my clothes of bedsheets.

For me, i didn't have very much colour, in fact nothing at all on my legs after the first application and a very slight tan on my already slightly tanned arms after the second application. The only places i have any deep colour was on my dry areas like my knuckles and slight discolouration on one of my nails. I am quite fair skinned but i think this tan is best suited for very, very fair skinned people, like redheads or very fair blondes. Im sure St.Tropez will being out a medium dark in this tan, and then i think i will buy it as its so quick but for me, this just wasn't worth the 3 freezing minuets to get a tiny bit of a glow.


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