Slimming world update & meal plan

I haven't posted a Slimming world update for a while. Since i got down to my pre (Oakley) pregnancy weight i hit a halt with my weightless. I really struggled to move the scales even when i was sticking
100% to plan. Then i tried to have no syn days which then turned into me going over my syns everyday by 1 or 2 which made me have a 2lb gain. I found it so frustrating because i hadn't gained since i started my journey and even when i was on plan 100% the scales were just not moving. Mike has been reading a diet book which has very similar principles to Slimming world however it allows you, and strongly encourages a cheat day. A day where you consume as much calories as humanly possible. Now through out me weightless journey i have always had a cheat meal a week up until i was close to my 1 target ( my pre 2nd pregnancy weight) where i stopped because i really wanted to get there.

 Then it hit me, that the theory behind a cheat day or meal (to reset your bodys weightloss) worked for me. So i had the biggest binge on KFC and indulged in cupcakes and all. of course the next day the scales went up but by my weigh day the scales dropped below my pre pregnancy weight!! Now i have a cheat meal either on friday or saturday and i am back to having a loss every week yey! I am 4lbs away from 2 stone and have really been trying to eat more fruit and veg as i have a wedding in 4 weeks and i want to be in the next stone bracket and the more speed i eat the more i loose.

 I have been loving strawberries lately, something i use to hate. Strawberry smoothies, berries for breakfast and my absolute favourite treat the strawberry goodies. I love these so much, the little white chocolate balls are amazing and i feel like they are naughty even though they are only 2.5 sons each.

So here is this weeks shop and meal plan. 

Wednesday - Slimming world fish and chips
Thursday - Warburton thin burgers and fries
Friday - Baked stuffed conochigilioni 
Saturday -Pizza topped chicken
Sunday - Slimming world roast dinner
Monday - Slimming world Quiche
Tuesday - Chicken Pappardelle 

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