Our trip to cbeebies land & Splash landings hotel review

Last year we took Lilly to cbeebies land at Alton towers and she still talks about it now so we decided we would take her for her birthday this year and also take her to the water park. Lilly's birthday is at the end of the month and the beginning of the school holidays, so we choose to take her now as it worked best for us and we thought we would avoid the crowds and the end of year school trips but it was actually really busy.

 Cbeebies land is great for any child who loves cbeebies and all the characters, i would say its probably aimed toward 3-6 year olds and there are other sections of the park which have rides for older children. Under 4's go free but you do still need to pay for adults, and my top tip would be to look at cereal boxes this time of year as they have buy one get one free or you can do what we do which is to use our club card points to get discounted tickets. Lilly's favourite ride is the in the night garden boat ride. She is obsessed with upsy daisy at the moment and couldn't wait to get on the ride (literally she kicked off the whole Que time) The Que times were between 25-45 minuets which is the only downside as i wish they had a quicker system or more carts as toddlers can get bored easy.

 At the back of cbeebies is a tree fu tom park which is perfect as there isn't a que time and little ones can burn off some energy, its a great park and lots of fun for little ones. Around the park characters go through, we saw postman pat in his van and the zing zillas. There are also slotted times for shows where you can sit and have a picnic and watch characters like mike the night, zing villas and Nina and the neurons which run through out the day. Also as we were walking out we spotted upsy daisy meet and greet and Lilly was so excited she went running over to cuddle her, i have never seen her so excited she literally looked like she was going to cry she was so happy. Lilly really wanted to go on the new octonaughts ride which looked quite fast for her but she really wanted to go on it but it really scared her and then to make it worse it went twice which is when the photo was taken and i had to hold her. 

There are lots of places to eat throughout Alton towers but be aware that it is highly priced.  Our check in was from 3pm so we headed back to the splash landings hotel to check in. I had a bit of a nightmare as i got stuck waiting on the monorail whilst they added trains with Oakley and it was so hot it seemed to take forever. When we arrived at the splash landings hotel, all the staff were very helpful and all lovely. After we checked in we went up to our room which is all in a Caribbean theme and every part of the hotel seems like your in a cartoon. 
 When you book your stay you can book a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants there, we choose a all you can eat buffet at flambos which is in the splash landings hotel. The food was ok but it was very over priced at £20 each plus drinks. The room was a small family room with a double bed and two bunk beds. There was a dressing table with teas and coffee facilities, en suit with towels provided. There was also a hair dryer which kept over heating every two minuets so i would recommend to take your own. In the room was a really good fan which was fantastic as the room was really warm and it very quickly cooled the room down. We had a room over looking the outdoor pool. 

 The water park is open from 10-8 and after 6 it went really quiet so i took Lilly in whilst mike stayed with Oakley. There are family change rooms and double rooms and you can also take a pushchair through to the pool are. There is a ice-cream please and tables to eat but you have to buy the food there as you can't take in your own. The water park has lots of slides which were too big for Lilly but there is a small child area with a small slide which was perfect for her. We also went on the rapids and outside which was too cold so we came back in. The following day we still had access to the pool and took Oakley in but there wasn't really a area for babies. Even the younger pool had a big feature in the middle with water spraying out and the outside pool was too cold so he didn't end up staying in too long.

 In the evening there is children's entertainment, we missed the kids bit as the nightmare with the hairdryer and Lilly had a late nap after the pool but we still managed to get there so she could have a dance with all the kids. Most of the kids had flashing bubble guns which we ended up buying Lilly one too. We will be staying there again but i think we would plan to go to the water park the day we check in so we can have the room after the pool then do cbeebies the next day.


  1. My kids would love this! We're going to Drayton Manor for my little one's birthday. He's really obsessed with Thomas at the moment and I think he'll love this Birthday treat x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. I haven't been to Drayton manor for years. Thomas land is supposed to be amazing for boys. I hope you all have a lovely day xx

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