My top 5 Slimming world snacks & Update #2

This week i have lost 2lbs, I'm really happy with this and i am so close to my 2 stone loss. We have a wedding to go to at the beginning of the month and we went shopping on the weekend and i saw a
dress i just fell in love with but i really didn't know if i would be able to wear it with me 'new' body but i wanted to try it on. I took a size 12 and 10 in the change room and the 12 was too big and the 10 fitted just right! I was so happy but i still want to loose at least 5lbs (ideally 7) before i feel a little bit more comfortable in it. I'm trying to drink more water, at the moment i always add squash but I'm just trying water and also eat more fruit as some days i don't eat any but i know that 'the more speed you eat the more you loose' so i am making a real effort.

The thing i really love about Slimming world is that i can still have treats and don't feel deprived. I have tried diets before where you cannot have treats and always failed quickly. On slimming world you can have 15 syns, which you can use on various things. For me my syns are always for treats or things like a warbourton thin if i have already used my HEX B.

 I wanted to share my top my snacks that i have on slimming world that are under my daily syn allowance.

  First is my absolute favourite the Muller light goodies. These are 2.5 syn's each but feel like they should be more. Currently there are 3 flavours, toffee, lemon and my personal favourite strawberry. These are basically a low cal Muller corner. The strawberry has white chocolate balls and they always curb my chocolate cravings. I usually have one of these as a desert or a treat in bed when the kids have gone to sleep.

 Next is pink & whites. Pink and white as normal are nice but i like to microwave them for 10-15 seconds and they become like melted marshmallows and are so nice. They are really cheap too and are only 2.5 syn's each.

 When i have a big chocolate craving i usually always turn to my Kellogg's chewy delight. If you love chocolate you must try these. These are my favourite cereal bars and you can have one as a hex b or 5 syn's. I sometimes have these as a quick breakfast when i don't have time. They are filling and delicious!

Hula hoop Puff's recently came out. I personally like the salt and vinegar ones and the whole bag is only 3.5 syns. I love crisps, they were always my downfall and i used to eat 3 packets of walkers a day, yikes! Now i have these or quavers and they are really tasty and a must for crisp lovers.

Mini meringue's. A recent find of mine. These are just 1 syn each but they are like pringles and i just have to have '1 more' I like to make a Eton mess with these from the Slimming world Desert cook book which is 3.5 syns.

If you are also on slimming world i would love to read your posts. I have a sliming world instagram account @ theslimmersdiary if you want to follow to see what i eat.

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  1. I am currently doing the Slim Fast Challenge but when I finish I am going to use the same principles to carry on dieting and that means finding snacks that are under 100kcal each - all of which the above are! Thanks for the tips, Muller Light Goodies and Kelloggs Chewy Delight are on my shopping list :) x


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