Weekly Groceries & Meal Plan #2

This week i did our food shop on Wednesday. I usual get some fresh things mid week but we ran out of alot of things so i just decided to do the weekly shop. Last weekend i didn't really stick to plan, we had alot of
naughty food as we were out alot and i made rocky road and cupcakes over the bank holiday which just led to a spiral of naughty eating.

 I have filmed my grocery haul for this week so if you want to see what i bought you can watch it here. I went to tesco this week with both babies and i forgot my shopping list so most i had to try and remember what i needed for recipes whilst dealing with a toddler and cranky baby! Here's what im planning on eating this week (slimming world friendly)

Jacket potato

Sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles

Cottage pie

Chicken Jambalaya

Roast with potato & veg

Slimming world crust less quiche

Bacon & spinach fusilli

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