Weekly Groceries & Meal Plan #1

I have been meal planning weekly for about a year now and it really saves me alot of money and also food waste. I really need a plan to help me have some sort of structure around meal times and saves me using the

excuse of 'oh we don't have anything in lets order a takeaway' Sometimes i obviously dont stick to the plan as even though i really enjoy cooking meals fresh they cant be time consuming and im usually on my own and if Oakley is awake he needs my attention more than the kitchen so i do sometimes change and make a quicker meal on days where the babies don't want to co-operate.

I used to get my groceries delivered on a Monday so i would be stocked up for the week but i found that by the weekend we would just go out for dinner as there wasn't much fresh stuff left so by getting my groceries delivered on a Friday there is alot less temptation to go out as i don't want to waste food. I have also started to freeze alot of things, i used to be really funny about eating frozen things but after watching a food girls on youtube I'm freezing alot more veg and also meals.

So this week i did my shop with Tesco. I sometimes use asda but i find they substitute alot and there fruit isn't very fresh and i also use ocado but it can be alot more expensive than tesco.

Here is our meal plan for the week (Slimming world friendly):

Friday - Cajun meatballs with broccoli rice

Saturday - Pizza topped chicken with SW chips & veg

Sunday - Roast chicken with roast potatoes, mash &veg

Monday - Country style potato salad

Tuesday - Bacon and spinach fusilli

Wednesday - Chicken Noodle soup

Thursday - Spag bol 

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  1. The cajun metballs sound so good (I am on a slimming world diet too!)


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