L'Oreal Infalliable Matte foundation Review

I was looking for my foundation shade at the Revlon stand in boots and they didn't have it in stock, desperate for a foundation i starting browsing the other stands. I found myself at L'Oreal looking for my old
favourite true match however it didn't agree with my pregnant skin and i wanted to try something different. I saw the L'Oreal infallible matte foundation and remember someone on Instagram saying it was like Estee Lauder double wear and thought i would give it a try.
There wasn't too many shades to choose from as it was only a small boots but i decided on 'Vanilla' which seemed to match my skin however when i got home i noticed it had oxidised and went quite orange and a darker shade than my skin. With a little tan and a bit of concealer i can make it work but i am going to try the lightest shade. The first thing i will say is if you are swatching this foundation wait until it dries on your hand to see the actually colour as it does change.
The packaging is a really simple tube, i know this isn't to every ones taste as it seems cheap and alot of people prefer a pump bottle but i actually like it. It wont break or leek in your makeup bag and when your finished its easy to just cut off the end so you can get all the product out.

When i first tried it i was actually away on holiday and the only brush i had with me was the real techniques pointed foundation brush and i honestly hated it. It dries really quick and it seemed caked and stuck to my dry patched. Even when i tried so hard to blend it i still looked patchy and dirty and i had to take it off. Then when i got home i pulled it out of my makeup bag to give it another try but this time with the real techniques stippling brush, and oh my i fell in love! The trick is to work on sections of the face instead of spotting it all over then blending and also finding the correct brush that works with your skin and the foundation.

With the correct brush it blended really well and a little goes along way. The coverage is amazing, i like a high coverage as i have really red skin and scaring and the L'Oreal infallible matte foundation covered all my redness and scaring without the need for concealer or even to build up the foundation. I also don't use a powder with this foundation, unless i do want it to stay matte all day.

I found that it does last all day and doesn't separate on my dry patches like other foundations, but if you want it to stay matte all day then you will need a little bit of powder. Its also very dry so i always have to use a moisturiser straight before applying, usually i apply a moisturiser and let it sink in for a while before applying foundation as that's what usually works best for me but not with this one as i think you need that moisture to blend it properly.

I must say this foundation does give a flawless finish, i feel like i have a full time instagram filter on my skin and my scaring doesn't start peeping through at the end of the day like many other foundations. If you have tried this foundation and don't like it, i would recommend trying different techniques, brushes and a good moisturiser as it really is a gem.

I bought mine from boots for £6.99 which you can purchase HERE

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