How im loosing the baby weight - Slimming world

There is no denying that through both my pregnancies i piled on the weight, no matter how much i said i will eat healthy and blah blah i just cant seem to not over indulge when pregnant. I was always slim, that annoying
girl that could eat whatever i wanted and not gain weight, yet i always thought i was fat. When i was pregnant with Lilly i put on 4.5 stone and managed to lose and keep off 2.5 but after i had Oakley i gained the 2.5 stone back. I have spent the last 3 years hiding under black baggy clothes and leggings, avoiding people and occasions because i didn't want to see people i hadn't seen since i was slimmer. The last few summers i have hidden my body away, even on a boiling hot day i would still be clothed like it was winter.

 I have tried lots of diets, lost a bit of weight then slowly fell off the waggon put weight on then start the cycle again. To be honest i think i always knew after Lilly we would have another baby and i knew the weight would probably come back on so i gave up (that's my excuse anyway)

I lost half of my baby weight with Lilly on weight watchers, then the beginning of last year i tried to do slimming world on line but i didn't really get it and didn't stick to it. I know most people think 'just eat healthy' and you will loose weight (which i have also tried) but for me i think i need to stick to an actual plan that's set and allows little naughty things so i don't fall off track.

After Oakley was born i couldn't really cook anything because i had a c-section and standing for longer than 5 mins for the first few weeks was just impossible so takeaways were easier for me. I then weighed myself and i started to gain even more weight so i knew it was time for me to actually do something about it!

My instagram is always full of girls who have started slimming world and lost weight, but i noticed the most successful girls were the ones who went to group. I couldn't really think of anything worse than going to a group of women and taking about your weight. I am also quiet and shy and hate big group situations but one day i told Mike i wasn't going to join a group - he didn't think i would. So off i went, armed with Oakley as my protection i walked into a hall full of women of all ages, normal women, just like me. I stayed for group and although at first when the consultant went around everyone saying how much they had lost or if they had a gain and everyone clapped i thought 'this is awkward' i left feeling so motivated and kind of excited to go back the following week. The fact that every week i have to go back and get weighed by someone else and then reward for how much i have lost really motivates me to stick to the plan.

So far i love the slimming world plan, i know its not the healthiest and it has alot of negativity because you can eat as much pasta and potatoes as you like but, for some reason it works and it is a damn sight better than what i was eating. Every night i cook fresh healthy meals for me and the family, im eating more veg and fruit than ever and im loosing weight.

I have been with slimming world for 7 weeks and have lost 1stone 3lbs so far, my aim is to loose around 4 stone so i still have a way to go but seeing results and knowing that i have stuck to it for this long is really making me determined to do this.Im also exercising more at home, mainly youtube videos like tone it up and im also really like Charlotte's from gshore's dvd.

I am going to do weekly updates on a Wednesday and if anyone else is doing slimming world i would love it if you could either join me or leave a comment with any helpful tips. I have a slimming world instagram called theslimmersdiary if anyone wants to follow to see what im eating, and im posting weekly slimming world hauls on my youtube.


  1. I go Slimming world! I started in January and was 11.11 and now I'm 9.13 so I am so happy, it was more of a confidence thing for me :)

  2. Great post Hun, I am also doing slimming world I've lost 31lbs still lots to lose. I didn't know you had a slimming account too. Mine is @staceyswlifestyle x


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