What's In Lilly's Easter Basket

I really cant believe its already Easter. I'm not all that big on Easter but every year i like to do a little Easter basket for Lilly. I dint do one for Oakley as he is only 5 weeks and has everything he needs but i will be
 doing one every other year for the both of them. I don't really have much time at the moment, and I'm still getting used to being a mum to two and Lilly's Easter basket was a little bit of a last minuet thing.

I ordered the basket off john lewis website, i thought it would be alot bigger but i tried to make it work as its so cute! They do three colours, this yellow, pink and also green. I couldn't fit everything i bought in it but its OK i will just give them to her. Most of the things i bought were either from the £1 shop of ocado. The pound shops are really good for holiday themed little bits and bobs and they did have a huge selection and i would highly recommend going there to see what they have if you want to do your little ones a Easter basket.
I have put some crafty things in this year for us to do over the weekend and instead of the traditional bunny ears which she had last year i thought these Easter boppers were really cute and only £1. Lilly is really enjoying seeing all the little lambs so i bought her this really cute lamb from ocado. I found the princess bucket in tesco and it has a few chocolate eggs and a jigsaw inside and she can reuse the bucket to store some of her toys or pencils in.
 I did get a few chocolate eggs too. Lilly loves eggs, but doesn't tend to eat the chocolate so we will probably end up melting them down and making so Easter nests or I'm sure daddy will steal them. Lilly chose the my little pony egg from b&m and the princess one is from asda.
 im going to do a easter egg hunt this year and i have some plastic eggs from hobby craft that i will fill with some little shop kins or something and also hide these eggs. The big tub of giant eggs is from b&m.

If you want to see our easter basket from last year you can here :)


  1. What a cute idea. I'm not bothering with an Easter egg hunt, but I've created my two some Easter gift bags filled with toys, Easter eggs and colouring books and pencils. They get so spoilt though off other members of the family and ended up with quite the collection of toys and gifts. They saw the bags on my wardrobe and my eldest now thinks it's his birthday haha xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Her basket looks amazing and we're doing an egg hunt too - I can't wait!! x

  3. What a great items you have found for Lilly's basket :) Love the Easter egg selection too! I used our John Lewis easter baskets from last year! x


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