What's in my hospital bag

I was supposed to post this the other week but time flew by and i didn't get chance to edit and now i have actually been in hospital and had my baby! Even though this is my second baby i still love reading and
watching what's in my hospital bag posts and videos on youtube. I think different people pack different things and you can always get helpful tips from different people. I packed my bag for a c-section. There are just a few things i have packed differently from my previous experience with having a c-section. With Lilly i packed pj's with bottoms and only 1 nightie and just 'big' knickers and they used to sit on the wound or just above and it was really uncomfortable so this time i packed the biggest knickers i could find and only nighties.
The bag itself is this lovely navy bag from pink lining. I first saw this in Anna saccone's hospital bag and knew i wanted it for my next trip to hospital. Not only did i buy this for hospital but it will make a great weekend bag as its huge and fits so much in. The bow print on the outside is really pretty and it is lined with the pink linings signature hot pink.
What i packed
4 nighties
5 extra large pants (ones that sit over your belly button)
2 maternity bra's
Dressing gown
Maternity pads
Emma Jane nursing bra
Makeup bag & brushes
c-section belt
Brest pads.
Shower gel
Body moisturizer
Dry shampoo
Shampoo & conditioner
Hair spray
Hand sanitiser
tooth paste 
tooth brush
Lip conditioner
face wipes
hair bands & clips
i also packed a mirror

As i knew that i would be waiting around for my c-section i packed two new books and my ipad filled with movies to watch but to be honest i was so nervous i couldn't concentrate and never ended up using any of these. I also packed a caesarean belt, which is a complete life saver and i would recommend anyone who is having a c-section to buy one. It added protection for when i am around Lilly and also helps with getting up.


  1. That hospital bag is so much prettier than mine ever was! x

  2. Love the bag! I`ve been eyeing that one up myself lol.

    Our bags look pretty identical with what we've packed! I had a c section belt last time but never used it for some reason, I really must try it this time!


  3. I have just written a post on what I put in my hospital bag, it is interesting to see that you changed a few things for your second time. I would also change a couple of things I packed...the benefit of experience and hindsight!


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