Oakley | 1 week old

Oakley turned 1 week old on Thursday I cant believe he is already a week old already! Time really does seem to be flying by and i am enjoying every second of having a newborn again i don't want him to grow.
This week has been such an amazing week as our family went from 3 to 4. Oakley was born on the 26th by c-section. He is such a perfect little boy and i cant believe how much i love him already. He now weighs 8lbs 9oz so he has lost some from his birth weight but he is still a big boy. We still haven't figured out what his middle name will be.

He is just like me as a baby, everything about him is all me which is nice as Lilly is the double of her daddy and its nice to have a baby that looks like my family. He has white blonde eyelashes and eyebrows just like i did so i think we are going to have a Blondie. He has such a strong neck and is constantly trying to lift his neck and when we wind him he wont keep still. He also has a really tight grab and loves to hold my hand when I'm feeding him. 

Oakley sleeps all day, and i mean all day but come 10pm, just as mummy wants to go to bed he is wide awake until around 2am then again at 5am. He isn't feeding great at the moment, he takes little bits here and there through the day then has two big feeds. He is so different to Lilly, Oakley wants to be held all the time and is really fussy if we put him down, any noise make him jump and he lets out a little squeak which is fun with two dogs and a noisy toddler! 

Its so different having a boy, changing his nappy has been 'different' i have finally got the hang of it but mike still cant get the hang of it. Oakley hates having his nappy changed, its the only time we hear him cry, he also hates being cold so i have to change him so quickly. He loves his swing but wasn't a fan of his moses basket however i bought a thicker more comfy mattress for it and he seems to like that alot more.

I am really looking forward to what the future weeks hold, he is such a precious little boy and i know how quickly they grow and I'm trying to take in every second. I will be wringing a birth story too to share how this Little guy came into the world.


  1. Wow that was the quickest week ever! I adore his name and can't wait to read your birth story. He's beautiful xx

  2. He is so gorgeous! Happy first week as a family of 4! Changing boy nappies is certainly different - stick a tissue, wet wipe or muslin over his winky when you open the nappy to stop the wee fountain! x

  3. He is the sweetest little boy ever! He looks so much like you its unreal! I've heard that nappy changes can be a lot more challenging with a little man haha xx

  4. Congratulations hunni! I love the name, he is so beautiful. Hope you are all doing well and congratulations to Lilly on becoming a big sister. xxx

  5. He is so cute!! And where is he baby grow from? I love it!! Xx



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