Oakley | 3 Weeks Old

Oakley is already 3 weeks old! He is changing so much already! At 14 days old the health visitor had to come and check his jaundice as if a child is still jaundice after 14days it can be a underline health issue and it
needs to be looked into. He was still very yellow especially his eyes at 14 days so she referred us to the GP who was also concerned and referred us back to hospital for blood work. I wasnt too concerned because he is very alert and i can see the colour of his skin in getting better but i knew he would still need blood work as they need to cancel out Liver disease. We went for blood work yesterday and it was the first day he was completely pink and the whites of his eyes were nearly completely white so when the doctor looked at him he said he looked really well but still recommended bloods. They took his blood and he let out a little scream then started to fall asleep, they were getting blood for ages but it didn't seem to bother him. I remember Lilly screamed constantly when they tried to get blood from her.

He is turning into a very content little baby, the first few days i thought he was just going to cry constantly but he has really settled and only cries when he has his nappy changed or when i undress him to bath him. He knows our voices now and will turn to us when we are talking and has started to watch Lilly when she is dancing around. 

Lilly is such an amazing big sister, i couldn't ask for a better daughter. It hasn't really affected her at all, she hasn't shown any signs of jealously and is really taking a interest in Oakley, she tells me when he is waking up, if he has done a poo and helps me wind him. Lilly always goes and gives him a kiss and a cuddle when he wakes up and keeps asking us to 'hold it' 

Oakley now weighs 9lbs 5oz! He takes between 3-4 ounces every 3 hours. I think he seems to think between 2 and 11 am is day time as he is awake the most then but I'm really trying to get him into some sort of sleep pattern that co insides with Lilly's as he keeps waking at half 5 in the morning which then wakes Lilly and she doesn't go back to sleep.

He is still in newborn clothes but his feet are starting to get too big for them but 0-3 months are way too big for him. He has really dry flaky skin on his face, hands and legs, and by just touching him it flakes off, i don't know what to try and use on him. I tried baby oil and lotion but it just makes his skin greasy and doenst seem to help the flaky skin so if any one has any recommendation's i would love to hear them.


  1. He has grown so much! Love his sleepsuit and that tummy time pic is adorable. Sounds like your family are doing wonderfully together x

  2. Awww he's so adorable! Lilly sounds like she's adapting amazingly too!

    Tyne had the same issue with skin, the only thing that helped was olive oil but it was gross to use! xx

  3. Awww he is gorgeous! My daughter had really dry skin and we used the oilatum stuff you put in the bath and it really worked :) xx


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